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Sale & Leaseback

Real estate transactions in which an educational institution sells its real estate assets. The educational institution then leases property long term (minimum 10 years) under market conditions.

The institution will have the possibility of maintaining the lease indefinitely, which ensures the continuity of the project, thus maintaining total control over the operation of his company. This combination allows the operator to reuse the capital that had been invested in real estate to continue the growth of the institution.

As illustrated below, a sale & leaseback occurs when the owner of the real estate sells the property to a buyer and simultaneously leases the asset back to the buyer, under a long-term lease agreement.

Academia Capital - Adquisición y Arrendamiento<br>
                    (Sale and Lease Back)

Benefits of Sale & Leaseback

Academia Capital - development of new infrastructure

Green Fields
(development of new infrastructure)

Real estate transactions in which Academia Capital invests in the land and development of new educational facilities, as well as the expansion of existing infrastructure.

The education institution will have the possibility of maintaining the lease indefinitely. This product allows the institution to have a more dynamic growth, without any additional lending or investment by the partners.

Our services include:

Benefits of the development of new infrastructure

Financing - Academia Capital


Being 100% specialized in the education sector, the financing is structured in accordance to the operating characteristics and real needs of the various institutions in this sector.

Our outlines are characterized for offering appropriate options for the proper implementation and realization of new educational projects, as well as the consolidation of previously acquired operational liabilities.

Unlike traditional bank financing, Academia Capital does not ask its clients any kind of reciprocity.

Benefits of Financing

Academia Capital - Personalized Solutions

Personalized Solutions

Tailored solutions that combine different Academia Capital products, so that we can meet the needs of clients generating options that are unique to each institution.