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Socios Academia Capital - EDUFON


Our partners manage a private equity fund that invests in small and medium enterprises who need working capital contributions in order to boost the increasing demand of their products, as well as capital investments destined to replicate proven business concepts.

Edufon´s Achievements

  • Over 87 years of experience in private equity and venture capital industry.
  • Investments of over USD $1,300,000,000.00 in 37 universities and 12 schools in Europe, Latin America and United States.
Socios Academia Capital - CS capital

CS Capital

CS capital is a fund that invests and operates companies in Mexico. The CS team is formed by professionals with ample financial, strategic and operational experience, as well as extensive knowledge of the industries and markets in which they participate.

It combines over 70 years of experience in managing and growing companies both private and public. It has a global conglomerate of relationships with the sector and industry.

CS Capital´s Achievements

  • CS applies deep operational and logical industry expertise to portfolio companies.
  • SIt focuses on rapid growth in the Mexican economy sectors.
  • CS Capital has formed strong partnerships with global leaders in the industry.
  • CS capital creates value in portfolio investments through a focus on operational improvements, consistent growth patterns and access to international partnerships.
Socios Academia Capital - Grupo NAME

NAME Group

Private multidisciplinary group of companies with investments in Mexico, United States and other countries of Latin America.

The precise knowledge of the market, positions Name Group as a multinational, with investments in retail, real estate, tourism, restaurants and financial services. The group currently employs more than 10,000 people and serves more than 60 million customers each year.

NAME Group´s Achievements

  • Several real estate companies in Mexico and the United States which possess and manage assets in which important corporate and financial enterprises have established themselves, such as Wells Fargo Bank, BBVA, Hilton, Marriot and Aqua.
  • The Group invests in new business opportunities in different sectors where it can generate both synergies and added value.
  • Modatelas: Mexican brand that has more than 350 stores throughout Mexico and Central America.
Socios Academia Capital - Desarrolladora GJA

GJA Developer

Developer and real estate fund manager that specializes in high end housing developments in Mexico.

Although founded in 2015, it has a strategic team with over 30 years of experience in the field of finance and real estate.

Extensive experience in the development of luxury apartments in the city of Mexico and State of Mexico.